SEC Filings Research
Simfund Filing® 5.0 is an internet-based SEC EDGAR filing retrieval system focused uniquely on mutual funds. Updated daily, our Simfund Filing library contains all documents pertinent to the mutual fund industry - prospectuses, semi/annual reports, proxies, and more. Fund managers controlling the majority of the industry's assets, as well as many service companies, use Fund Filing for such major functions as:

Product Development: Immediate access to information on existing funds and new market opportunities.

Fees and Expense Research: Contract details, sub-advisory arrangements, service features.

Competitive Intelligence: Actions by direct competitors.

Legal Research: Legal language, variations, changes.

Portfolio Management: Holdings, when disclosed.

Easy and straight forward to use, Fund Filing provides various avenues for you to search for data including but not limited to, fund name, policy name, filing date and key terms. To keep you up-to-date, Fund Filing provides you with:

Daily Alert Service that monitors changes in mutual funds by tracking 497-filings (supplements to definitive prospectuses) on a daily basis and extracting and categorizing pertinent information. Also available are summary reports highlighting monthly trends.

New Fund/Class Tracking System that contains information on new registrations not only in filings, but also in a concise profile format.

To discuss how we can be of assistance, please contact:

Anthony Disanzo
(212) 217-6951