Analysis of External Fund Distribution Costs: 2016

Released in November 2016, the annual Analysis of External Fund Distribution Costs: 2016 report provides unique data around payment streams between fund managers and distributors (sub-TA, revenue sharing, etc.) to assist in benchmarking and oversight of such fees, as well as analysis of distribution profitability metrics to help drive efficient distribution strategy.

The report includes unique data collected from a proprietary SI survey of mutual fund managers, which focuses on costs of intermediary-sold distribution and other related issues. This year’s survey includes data submitted by 22 firms, who controlled $1.9 trillion of total long-term fund assets. The median firm oversaw $65 billion and over one-quarter of participants managed in excess of $100 billion. Results are segmented across each of the Wirehouse, Independent/Regional BD and Fund Supermarket channels.

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  • What are the current marketplace realities facing fund managers with regard to servicing and distribution payment demands from intermediary distribution partners?
  • How might such payment realities change/evolve moving forward, particularly in the context of the DOL Fiduciary Rule?
  • For funds’ Boards of Directors, this study can also serve as an important part of the intermediary oversight process by providing valuable framework and benchmarking of current industry payment realities.

About the Author

Dennis Bowden is Managing Director of U.S. Mutual Fund Research at Strategic Insight where he helps to lead SI’s research, data and advisory services focused on the U.S. fund industry— including intermediary-sold distribution, product strategy, fund pricing, and more.

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