Asia Cross-Border Quarterly

The Strategic Insight Asia Cross-Border reports series focuses on three major Asian markets where cross-border funds can be sold directly to retail investors. This quarterly reports series combines assets and net flows of both local and crossborder funds, providing a holistic picture of mutual fund trends and distribution dynamics in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, also highlighting successful managers and funds with mini case studies.

This in-depth qualitative analysis is supplemented with a monthly Asia Cross-Border & Local snapshot report. The Cross-Border section provides a timely update on the top- and bottom-selling Morningstar categories for cross-border funds sold in Asia, measured by gross and net sales, and containing comparative performance and risk analysis. The Local section focuses on latest developments, top active local fund managers, product and distribution innovations, as well as regulatory updates, in the fast-changing Asian fund industry.

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  • Includes mini case study: Inside the Absolute Return Multi-Asset Category: The Growth of JPMorgan Global Macro Opportunities
  • Globally as well as in Asia, the demand among retail investors for alternative funds, including various absolute return and target return products, often through financial advisers, is growing in an increasingly volatile market under a prolonged low interest environment. Alternative strategies provide new options to investors seeking to protect and diversify their assets amid market uncertainties
  • The report is sourced by our Simfund GL Pro data, as well as industry association statistics and other publicly available information, aiming to provide a more comprehensive and accurate picture of the cross-border and local industry for those three markets

About the Author

Bryan Liu has worked with Strategic Insight for almost 12 years and currently leads the global teamís non-U.S. research and consulting. Currently based in New York, Bryan spent two years in Hong Kong and expanded the firmís business in Asia. He writes research and in-depth reports with a focus on global mutual fund trends and cross-border fund markets in Asia.

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