Performance Databook

The subadvised funds' performance data book delivers competitive intelligence in a quick look-up format.

  • Fund Total Assets and Morningstar Rating as of the latest quarter;
  • Color-coded quartile and percentile rankings by Morningstar Category and performance results on YTD, 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-yr basis; and
  • Effective subadvisory fee calculated on fund's total net assets as of the latest quarter.

Subadvisory Performance Databook - 2018-Q1      5/11/2018
Subadvisory Performance by Mstar Databook - 2011-Q1      5/11/2018
Subadvisory Performance Databook - 2017-Q4      2/13/2018
Subadvisory Performance by Mstar Databook - 2017-Q4      2/13/2018