Defined Contribution (DC) Retirement

SI's Defined Contribution Research Suite provides actionable research derived from the synthesis of Asset International's unique and proprietary DC data set.

Our research is based on Asset International's proprietary data sources–including Simfund MF, PLANSPONSOR and PLANADVISER surveys, and Pathfinder 2.0, the leading recordkeeper search and comparison tool for advisers.

All Reports

DC and Lifecycle Research subscribers can view list of all research reports below.

8/7/2020 DC Flow Watch 2Q20See summary
7/22/2020 2Q 2020 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
5/11/2020 DC Flow Watch 1Q20See summary
4/17/2020 1Q 2020 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
2/11/2020 DC Flow Watch 4Q19See summary
1/23/2020 4Q2019 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
11/7/2019 DC Flow Watch 3Q19See summary
10/17/2019 3Q2019 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
8/6/2019 DC Flow Watch 2Q19See summary
7/18/2019 2Q2019 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
5/15/2019 DC Flow Watch 1Q19See summary
4/24/2019 1Q2019 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
2/6/2019 DC Flow Watch 4Q18See summary
1/22/2019 4Q2018 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
11/7/2018 DC Flow Watch 3Q18See summary
10/18/2018 3Q2018 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
8/6/2018 DC Flow Watch 2Q18See summary
7/19/2018 2Q2018 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
5/4/2018 DC Flow Watch 1Q18See summary
4/19/2018 1Q2018 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
2/9/2018 DC Flow Watch 4Q17See summary
1/23/2018 4Q2017 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
11/2/2017 DC Flow Watch 3Q17See summary
10/13/2017 3Q2017 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
8/8/2017 DC Flow Watch 2Q17See summary
7/18/2017 2Q2017 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
5/9/2017 DC Flow Watch 1Q17See summary
4/17/2017 1Q2017 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
2/9/2017 DC Flow Watch 4Q16See summary
1/18/2017 4Q2016 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
11/9/2016 DC Flow Watch 3Q16See summary
10/18/2016 3Q2016 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
8/5/2016 DC Flow Watch 2Q16See summary
7/19/2016 2Q2016 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
5/13/2016 DC Flow Watch 1Q16See summary
5/9/2016 1Q2016 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
2/17/2016 DC Flow Watch 4Q15See summary
2/5/2016 4Q2015 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
1/7/2016 CIT HighlightsSee summary
12/3/2015 DC Flow Watch 3Q15See summary
11/24/2015 DC Market SizingSee summary
10/29/2015 3Q2015 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
8/6/2015 DC Flow Watch 2Q15See summary
8/5/2015 2Q2015 Lifecycle Flow WatchSee summary
7/29/2015 Lifecycle Insights: JulySee summary
5/27/2015 Investment Option Analysis: Adviser-Sold Plans IISee summary
5/11/2015 DC Flow Watch See summary
4/23/2015 1Q2015 Lifecycle FlowWatchSee summary
2/22/2015 State-Sponsored Retirement InitiativesSee summary
2/10/2015 Lifecycle Insights: FebruarySee summary
1/29/2015 4Q2014 Lifecycle Mutual Fund QuantitativeSee summary
10/29/2014 3Q2014 Lifecycle Mutual Fund QuantitativeSee summary
10/2/2014 DC Market Industry BriefingSee summary
9/18/2014 2Q2014 Lifecycle QuarterlySee summary
9/3/2014 Participant BehaviorSee summary
8/11/2014 DCIO Sales OrganizationSee summary
7/21/2014 2Q2014 Lifecycle Mutual Fund QuantitativeSee summary
6/20/2014 1Q2014 Lifecycle QuarterlySee summary
5/12/2014 A Global Approach To EquitySee summary
5/11/2014 Mutual Funds in DCSee summary
5/1/2014 1Q2014 Lifecycle Mutual Fund QuantitativeSee summary
3/13/2014 4Q2013 Lifecycle QuarterlySee summary
2/27/2014 Plan Design: Employer MatchSee summary
2/4/2014 403(b) OverviewSee summary
2/4/2014 Spotlight on Swedish DCSee summary
1/22/2014 4Q2013 Lifecycle Mutual Fund QuantitativeSee summary
11/29/2013 3Q2013 Lifecycle QuarterlySee summary
10/25/2013 3Q2013 Lifecycle Mutual Fund QuantitativeSee summary
9/10/2013 2Q2013 Lifecycle QuarterlySee summary
8/30/2013 DC Market Sizing & Outlook 2013See summary
7/22/2013 2Q2013 Lifecycle MF QuantitativeSee summary
7/3/2013 Plan Sponsor Expectations of ActionSee summary
5/11/2013 1Q2013 Lifecycle QuarterlySee summary
4/16/2013 1Q2013 Lifecycle MF QuantitativeSee summary
3/7/2013 4Q12 Lifecycle QuarterlySee summary
2/21/2013 Redefining the DC GatekeeperSee summary
2/6/2013 DC Research RoundupSee summary
12/21/2012 Recordkeeper SegmentationSee summary
9/30/2012 3Q12 Lifecycle QualitativeSee summary
9/18/2012 Investment Option Analysis: Adviser-Sold PlansSee summary
6/30/2012 2Q12 Lifecycle QualitativeSee summary
6/29/2012 DC Market Sizing & Outlook 2012See summary
4/11/2012 Addressing the Large Plan MarketsSee summary
3/31/2012 1Q12 Lifecycle QualitativeSee summary
12/31/2011 4Q11 Lifecycle QualitativeSee summary
12/2/2011 DC Market ReviewSee summary
9/30/2011 3Q11 Lifecycle QualitativeSee summary
8/5/2011 Trends in Target-Date Portfolios on Recordkeeping PlatformsSee summary
5/17/2010 Rethinking Lifecycle FundsSee summary