Singing in Global Unison

The who, what and how of today’s evolving retail financial services regulation

Backed by primary and secondary research and through interviewing retail financial services participants across the globe, the Singing in Global Unison report brings together a wealth of knowledge including Investor Economics 25 years of retail financial services expertise.

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  • Am I prepared for the new regulatory environment?
  • What are the consequences and implications, intended or not, of regulatory reforms across the globe?
  • How has and how will regulatory reform alter the retail financial services landscape?
  • How will regulatory developments abroad impact me?
  • What lessons can be learned by studying how my global peers have adapted to their evolving regulatory environment?

About the Author

Guy Armstrong is Senior Consultant and Managing Director at Investor Economics. He is increasingly engaged in providing clients with fact- and analytic-based recommendations on wealth business strategies focused on pricing, distribution and compensation.
Benjamin Reed-Hurwitz is a Senior Analyst at Investor Economics. He is responsible for life, health, wealth insurance product and group retirement research.

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