Monthly Highlights

Every month we provide a snapshot of fund industry results and developments, using the latest available data from Strategic Insight, which is released roughly three weeks after each month-end

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Monthly Highlights: October 2019      11/19/2019
  Active outflows moderated slightly during October, with net redemptions of $9.2 billion compared to $13.3 billion in September. While bond inflows increased within taxable and tax-free bond funds, International Equity outflows deepened across the month. Passively-managed mutual funds and ETFs gathered strong inflows of $39.4 billion during October, though this did not reach the levels of $46.8 billion seen in September.
Monthly Highlights: September 2019      10/17/2019
  Active long-term funds saw net outflows increase slightly during September, reaching $13.6 billion after net redemptions of $11.3 billion during August. Passive funds experienced a significant rebound in flows during September, gaining inflows of $46.8 billion after a rare month of outflows at $1.1 billion in August. ETFs led inflows in September at $38.5 billion, having been primarily responsible for aggregate net redemptions during the prior month at $8.2 billion.
Monthly Highlights: August 2019      9/16/2019
  After having seen narrow inflows of $77 million during July, active long-term funds returned to outflows in August at $11.4 billion. August represented the first month since 2014 in which passive funds experienced aggregate monthly outflows. Index funds experienced net redemptions of $1.2 billion after inflows of $41.7 billion in July. Mutual funds continued to garner net inflows of $7.1 billion while ETFs were responsible for the space's overall outflows at $8.2 billion.
Monthly Highlights: July 2019      8/16/2019
  Outflows for active long-term funds moderated significantly during July. Active funds saw net redemptions of only $393 million after having experience a spike of $21.7 billion in outflows during June. Passive funds flows remained strongly positive at $41.7 billion in July, though this served as a slight decrease from $48.3 billion in June.
Monthly Highlights: June 2019      7/22/2019
  Active long-term funds saw a spike in outflows during June, led by equity net redemptions. Active funds experienced net withdrawals of $22.1 billion in June, compared to only $1.9 billion in outflows in May. Passive funds experienced a significant bounce in net deposits in June after a pullback in May. Net inflows totaled $48.2 billion in June against $6.3 billion in May.