Monthly Highlights

Every month we provide a snapshot of fund industry results and developments, using the latest available data from Strategic Insight, which is released roughly three weeks after each month-end

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Monthly Highlights: March 2019      4/17/2019
  Active long-term flows experienced a substantial reversal in flows for the month, seeing outflows of $9.2 billion after inflows of $12.0 billion in February. Passive net flows in March saw a minor increase over February, growing to $44.9 billion from $42.3 billion the prior month. Mutual funds held the lead among indexed vehicles at $23.1 billion, though ETFs were close behind at $21.8 billion. Both saw minor increases from the past month at $21.8 billion and $20.5 billion, respectively.
Monthly Highlights: February 2019      3/15/2019
  Long-term active funds continued to experience positive net new flows in February ($11.6 billion) though at a lower level than January ($12.8 billion). Net deposits increased substantially for passive funds in February, growing to $42.3 billion from $19.8 billion in January. Mutual funds continued to experience the highest inflows at $21.8 billion but exchange-traded funds saw a significant rebound from the previous month. Passive ETF inflows totaled $20.4 billion in February after experiencing outflows of $5.4 billion.
Monthly Highlights: January 2019      2/15/2019
  Long-term active funds saw a drastic improvement in flow activity compared to December 2018. Net deposits totaled $12.3 billion in January after record-setting outflows of $171.4 billion in December. Passively-managed funds continued to experience net inflows during January at $19.8 billion, though this was a decrease from $56.7 billion seen during December. Mutual funds were the leading inflow vehicle for the month, garnering $25.2 billion against outflows of $5.4 billion from ETFs. This was a significant turnaround from December, when ETFs brought in net commitments of $45.3 billion compared to $11.5 billion for mutual funds.
Monthly Highlights: December 2018      1/17/2019
  Long-term active funds experienced their highest level of monthly net redemptions in over a decade, falling to $171.8 billion in December after outflows of $61.7 billion in November. Outflows for 2018 overall totaled $337.4 billion. Passive funds experienced net new flows at nearly the same level across December ($56.3 billion) and November ($56.4 billion). ETFs were chiefly responsible for net inflows during both months, garnering $44.9 billion in December and $42.3 billion in November. Passive mutual funds experienced net deposits of $11.4 billion in December and $14.1 billion in November.
Monthly Highlights: November 2018      12/17/2018
  Active long-term fund net redemptions increased slightly in November, growing to $62.3 billion from outflows of $57.0 billion in October. Net deposits into passive funds grew substantially during November, increasing to $56.3 billion from $18.9 billion in October. ETFs accounted for the largest portion of this growth, increasing net new flows to $42.2 billion from $3.5 billion last month. Passive mutual fund flows meanwhile remained largely consistent, garnering $14.1 billion in November and $15.4 billion in October.