Monthly Highlights

Every month we provide a snapshot of fund industry results and developments, using the latest available data from Strategic Insight, which is released roughly three weeks after each month-end

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Monthly Highlights: August 2018      9/18/2018
  Outflows from active long-term funds increased during August, reaching $20.0 billion compared to $9.0 billion during July. Aggregate net deposits into passive funds were down slightly from July, sliding to $33.1 billion from $38.3 billion last month. Index exchange-traded product net flows remained effectively the same across both months at $23.0 billion. Passive mutual fund inflows declined to $10.0 billion in August from $15.3 billion in July.
Monthly Highlights: July 2018      8/16/2018
  Active long-term funds continued to experience net outflows in July at $9.7 billion, though this was an improvement over the $18.3 billion in net redemptions that they had seen during June. Passive funds saw net deposits increase significantly during July, growing to $38.3 billion from $6.0 billion in June. ETPs experienced the largest turnaround with inflows of $23.0 billion in July against net flows of -$5.1 billion in June. While experiencing greater month-to-month volatility, passive ETPs ($119 billion) held a slight flow lead over passive mutual funds ($114 billion) during the first seven months of 2018.
Monthly Highlights: June 2018      7/17/2018
  Active long-term funds experienced significant net redemptions in June of $18.5 billion, a substantive reversal from the $615 million in inflows they garnered in May. June's outflows dragged active fund flows for the first half of the year into the negative at $11.4 billion. Net deposits into passive funds saw a drastic decline during June, falling to $6.0 billion from $35.5 billion in May. ETPs were chiefly responsible for this decline, experiencing net redemptions of $5.2 billion in June after net deposits of $25.5 billion in May. Passive mutual funds increased net flows over the course of June, growing to $11.2 billion from $10.0 billion in May.
Monthly Highlights: May 2018      6/18/2018
  Active long-term funds saw moderated outflows in May, experiencing net redemptions of only $89 million, compared to $10.7 billion in April. Over the first five months of 2018, active funds attracted positive net deposits of $6.4 billion. Taxable Bond funds led investor demand in May at $6.8 billion, followed by International Equity at $3.9 billion. Lord Abbett and PIMCO were the leading Taxable Bond managers, each bringing in $1.5 billion. Columbia Threadneedle and American Funds were the top contributors to active International Equity flows at $1.9 billion and $1.8 billion, respectively.
Monthly Highlights: April 2018      5/17/2018
  Active long-term funds suffered net redemptions of $10.7 billion in April, a notable downturn from net inflows of $2.6 billion seen in March 2018. Inflows for the year-to-date period through April remained positive at $6.2 billion. Taxable Bond funds continued as the strongest source of investor demand within active strategies in April at $9.0 billion. International Equity experienced the second highest net flows at $2.3 billion. PIMCO was the leading contributor to active Taxable Bond flows at $2.2 billion. American Funds led active International Equity flows at $1.8 billion.