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8/10/2020 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q2'2020
6/18/2020 Asset Manager Profitability 2019
5/13/2020 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q1'2020
2/21/2020 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q4'2019
2/12/2020 Annual Update: Mutual Fund Industry Fee and Expense Benchmarks Fiscal Year 2018
11/15/2019 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q3'2019
10/24/2019 Annual Update Contractual Management Fee Breakpoint Schedule Comparison Fiscal Year 2018
8/19/2019 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q2'2019
6/21/2019 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2018
6/3/2019 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review - Q1'2019
2/14/2019 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review 2018
11/15/2018 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q3'2018
9/12/2018 Contractual Management Fee Breakpoint Schedule Comparison Fiscal Year 2017
9/12/2018 Annual Update: Mutual Fund Industry Fee and Expense Benchmarks Fiscal Year 2017
8/15/2018 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q2'2018
7/19/2018 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2017
5/18/2018 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q1'2018
2/22/2018 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review 2017
11/14/2017 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q3'2017
10/30/2017 Product Strategy at an Inflection Point: Assessing New Fund Development and Rationalization Trends
9/12/2017 Annual Update: Mutual Fund Industry Fee and Expense Benchmarks Fiscal Year 2016
8/21/2017 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q2'2017
6/12/2017 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2016
5/16/2017 US Intermediary-Sold Distribution Review Q1'2017
2/23/2017 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review 2016
12/1/2016 Mutual Fund Industry Fee and Expense Benchmarks Fiscal Year 2015
12/1/2016 Contractual Management Fee Breakpoint Schedule Comparison Fiscal Year 2015
11/17/2016 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q3'2016
10/4/2016 Morningstar's New Performance Ranking Methodology: Implications and Considerations
8/18/2016 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q2'2016
6/8/2016 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2015
5/17/2016 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q1'2016
4/20/2016 Evolving Active/Passive Considerations and Perspectives around Advisor Demand "Elasticity"
3/24/2016 Trends and Innovation in Multi-Strategy Alternative Funds
2/8/2016 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review 2015
12/17/2015 Perspectives on Bond Fund and High Yield Outflow Pressures Across Distribution Channels
11/18/2015 Product Watch - November 2015
11/12/2015 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q3'2015
9/17/2015 Assessing the Growth of Fundamental Index ETFs
8/6/2015 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q2'2015
7/21/2015 Newly Launched Funds: Advisor Acceptance and Pace of Adoption Across Distribution Channels
7/9/2015 Product Watch - July 2015
5/27/2015 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2014
5/12/2015 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q1'2015
3/31/2015 Product Watch - March 2015
3/25/2015 Mutual Funds and Systemic Risk - The Reassuring Lessons from Past Periods of Market Volatility
2/17/2015 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review 2014
11/7/2014 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q3'2014
9/9/2014 Assessing ETFs' Expanding Footprint Within the Intermediary-Sold Marketplace
8/11/2014 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q2'2014
7/16/2014 Mutual Fund Innovation Watch: July 2014
6/18/2014 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2013
5/9/2014 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q1'2014
3/4/2014 Distribution of Liquid Alternative Mutual Funds - Assessing Advisors' Growing Demand Across Channels
2/13/2014 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review 2013
12/11/2013 Mutual Fund Innovation Watch: December 2013
11/19/2013 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q3'2013
11/13/2013 Mutual Funds and Systemic Risk: The Reassuring Lessons from Past Periods of High Financial Markets Volatility
8/27/2013 Looking Ahead: Lessons from Taxable Bond Funds' June Redemption Activity Across Distribution Channels
8/1/2013 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q2'2013
6/19/2013 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2012
6/3/2013 Mutual Fund Innovation Watch: June 2013
5/30/2013 Analyzing the Cost and Performance Attributes of Top-Selling Funds across Distribution Channels
5/15/2013 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review Q1' 2013
2/28/2013 ETF Trends by Channel & Investor Type - 2012
2/15/2013 U.S. Intermediary-Sold Fund Distribution Review 2012
1/14/2013 The U.S. Mutual Fund Marketplace: Evolution, Distribution Structure, Fees, and Financial Advisor Compensation Trends
12/21/2012 Mutual Fund InnovationWatch: December 2012
12/3/2012 US Market Entry & Expansion Considerations
6/28/2012 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2011
6/12/2012 Mutual Fund InnovationWatch: June 2012
6/11/2012 ETF Vision: First Quarter 2012 Edition
12/22/2011 Mutual Fund InnovationWatch: December 2011
12/2/2011 DC Market Review: Segmentation and Plan Sponsor Relationships
11/28/2011 Product Innovation in ETFs
8/10/2011 Perspectives on Redemption Patterns Across Intermediary-Sold Distribution Platforms
6/22/2011 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2010
6/1/2011 Quo Vadis UCITS? The 25th Anniversary of an Increasingly Global Brand
2/2/2011 Forces Shaping the Mutual Fund Industry in 2011 and Beyond
10/5/2010 Benchmarking the Management Fees of Sub-Advised Funds
8/9/2010 Financial Advisors In Transition: Establishing Relationships with High-Producing Advisors
1/13/2010 Are Short-Term Redemption Fees Still Needed?
12/15/2009 Looking Ahead to 2010: Cautious Optimism, Persistent Bond Fund Demand, and Possible All-Time Record Net Inflows to Long-Term Mutual Funds
11/6/2009 Perspectives on Taxable Bond Fund Redemption Patterns
5/4/2009 Perspectives on Intermediary Sales: Trends in Fund Sales by Distribution Channel and Share Class
3/30/2009 Emerging Considerations in Fee-Related Analysis and Advisory Contract Renewal 15(c) Discussions in 2009
12/23/2008 Recent Mutual Fund Activity and Looking Ahead
10/10/2008 Mutual Fund Industry Strategies for Uncertain Times
5/13/2008 Evolution of Value-Added Programs Delivered Via Wholesalers
4/17/2008 Fund Managers Focusing on Intermediary Sales: Trends in the Use of Share Class Pricing and Distribution Channels
2/12/2008 Benchmarking the Management Fees of Sub-Advised Funds
1/21/2008 A Perspective on Stock Mutual Fund Redemption Patterns
10/30/2006 Retirement Investments in Mutual Funds: An Update
2/10/2006 A Status Report on the Use of Performance-Based Fees in Mutual Funds
2/2/2006 New Advisory Contract Approval Disclosure Rules Reveal Boards’ Methodical Approaches
1/27/2006 Variable Annuity Underlying Funds: A Comparative Analysis of Advisory and Sub-Advisory Fees
1/20/2006 Usage of Contractual Advisory Fee Breakpoints Among Open-End Mutual Funds
11/29/2005 Identifying and Benefiting from New Asset Management Business Opportunities Around the World
9/20/2005 Retirement Investments in Mutual Funds - 2004 Update
7/27/2005 Looking Back, Looking Forward: Forces Shaping the U.S. Asset Management Industry, 7/05
5/26/2005 The Use of 12b-1 Fees Among Funds “Closed” to New Investors
2/14/2005 Retooling of Level-Load Funds by Fund Managers and Fund Distributors
2/13/2005 The Dramatic Acceleration in Demand for Asset Allocation Programs: More to Come
12/21/2004 Observations and Reflections on Market Timing and Redemption Fees
12/20/2004 The State of the Mutual Fund Industry: Selected Themes
12/14/2004 Some Observations on Hedge Funds
10/12/2004 Keeping Pace: Trends in the Variable Annuity Marketplace
10/1/2004 Floating Rate Mutual Funds - Evolution and Expanding Use
8/6/2004 Retirement Investments Continue to Expand and Further Stabilize the Mutual Fund Industry
7/29/2004 Determinants of Mutual Fund Purchasing and Redemption Actions
6/11/2004 Developing Sub-Advisory Relationships
4/30/2004 Growing Investor Interest in Treasury Inflation-Protected Bond Funds
2/12/2004 Delivering Alternative Strategies Through Mutual Funds
7/1/2003 Money Market Funds and the Latest Federal Reserve Interest Rate Cut
6/19/2003 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2002 - A Summary
6/9/2003 Growth of Retirement Share Classes
2/6/2003 The Accelerating Interest in Closed-End Funds May Last
9/3/2002 Principal Guarantee Funds
8/15/2002 Stable Value Mutual Funds: An Emerging “Safe Harbor”
7/18/2002 Equity Fund Historical Retention Patterns Reassuring, Not Alarming
7/3/2002 July 3rd Reflections
6/3/2002 Reflecting on the Future of Our Industry
2/22/2002 Tax-Managed Fund Developments in 2001
2/15/2002 Capital Gains Distributions by Open-End Funds in 2001
1/17/2002 Exchange Traded Funds: 2001 Update
12/14/2001 Section 529 College Savings Plans: Regulatory Changes Spur Growth
12/7/2001 Variations of Level Load Pricing Facilitate Faster Transition to Asset-Based Relationships
12/4/2001 Newest Funds’ Registrations Reflect Current Investment Trends
11/16/2001 Growth of Donor-Advised Funds
11/12/2001 Introducing Strategic Insight GLOBAL
10/30/2001 Continued Increase in Household Ownership of Mutual Funds
10/15/2001 Innovations Target Rollover Assets by Limiting Qualified Account Taxations upon Shareholder Death
10/5/2001 The DC Business: Recent Participant Behavior, and Strategy Implications
9/17/2001 What Will Investors in Equity Mutual Funds Do Now?
9/4/2001 Expanding Managed Account Programs
8/17/2001 Expanding IBD Distribution of Funds, VA's, and Managed Assets
8/10/2001 The Increasing Focus on Market Timing Activity (And Preventive Measures)
8/6/2001 VA Fund Substitutions, Additions Reveal Current Needs in the Industry
7/20/2001 Looking Back at the First Half: High Anxiety, Steady Sailing
7/9/2001 Exchange-Traded Funds Expand Abroad
6/15/2001 Could Bond Fund Sales Revive in the Coming Year?
6/8/2001 Key Forces Shaping the Rapid Expansion of Investment Options Within Variable Annuity Platforms Open
6/4/2001 Asset Management Firms Intensify Efforts to Build Global Businesses
5/24/2001 Fund Flows Revived in April
5/11/2001 Increasing Retirement Savings: Beyond Portman-Cardin
4/24/2001 March Redemption Activity In-Line with Prior Periods of Withdrawal
4/9/2001 New VA Developments Impacting Defined Contribution Programs
3/26/2001 Despite Collapsing Stock Prices, U.S. Equity Funds Continued to Attract Inflows
3/13/2001 Understanding Fees Charged on Underlying Funds for Variable Annuities
2/16/2001 VA Insurers Explore Feature Upgrades to Encourage Customer Retention
2/8/2001 Evolving Online and Traditional Wrap Programs
1/25/2001 Exchange-Traded Funds: Fourth Quarter Update
1/17/2001 New Developments in Variable Annuity Asset Allocation Programs
1/5/2001 Section 529 Plans – Helping To Fund College Savings
12/28/2000 International Investing: Ready for Surge of Renewed Interest?
12/12/2000 Performance-Related Sub-Advisory Fees in Variable Annuity Underlying Funds
12/4/2000 New from Strategic Insight's
11/28/2000 Many Management Companies Continue to Participate in Industry's Expansion
11/20/2000 Strategies to Capture IRA Rollovers
11/13/2000 401(k) Transfer Activity Remains Low Through Rough Markets
11/6/2000 Managing Sector Fund Opportunities and Risks
10/30/2000 Variable Annuity Death Benefit Handles Tax Consequences
10/23/2000 Undiscovered Funds: Diversity and Potential
10/17/2000 Socially Responsible Investing
10/10/2000 Sales and Redemption Trends: Planning for 2001
10/3/2000 Exchange-Traded Funds: Third Quarter Update
9/25/2000 Individual Investors through Retirement and Non-Retirement Programs Contribute 80% of Fund Flows
9/18/2000 Tech Fund Dependence Wanes After Summer’s NASDAQ Bear Market
9/11/2000 A Continuing VA Trend: Products Targeted to Fee-Based Programs, Planners
9/5/2000 Increase in Household Ownership of Mutual Funds Suggests Areas for Future Growth
8/28/2000 New Fund Launches Remain Strong and Continue to be a Source of Opportunity
8/22/2000 The Internet and Mutual Funds - Half-Full or Half-Empty?
8/16/2000 Internet Folios: Threat to Funds or Just Another Brokerage Commodity?
8/8/2000 Managing Expectations the #1 Issue for Mutual Fund Companies
8/1/2000 The Growing Contribution of Independent Broker-Dealers to Mutual Fund and Variable Annuity Sales
7/24/2000 Schwab Results Exemplify the Intensifying Focus on Stocks and Actively-Managed Funds
7/17/2000 International Equity Fund Demand Accelerates in the First Half of 2000
7/10/2000 ETFs Attract Over $17 Billion in Cash Inflows During First Half
7/5/2000 An Increased Focus on Customer Retention and Relationship Management
6/26/2000 Reflections on Jack Bogle’s Article “Mutual Funds Have Lost Their Way”
6/19/2000 Increasing Use of Mutual Funds in DC Plans
6/12/2000 The Folly of Average Equity Redemption Rates
6/5/2000 Market Neutral Funds: Promise and Reality
5/30/2000 Experiments with Hedge Fund-Like Performance Fees
5/22/2000 Common Themes Among Newly Registered VA Contracts
5/15/2000 Future Growth through Global Ventures
5/8/2000 Widening Divergence Between Growth and Value
5/1/2000 New Fund Flows Accelerate During March
4/24/2000 More Internet Funds, as Sector Corrects
4/17/2000 Preliminary 1999 Money Manager Financial Results
4/10/2000 Concentrated Funds Increase in Popularity
4/4/2000 Preparing for Managed Account Participation
3/27/2000 Rapid Growth of Exchange Traded Programs
3/20/2000 Biotech Ups and Downs
3/13/2000 Distribution and Advisory Partnering and Co-Branding
3/6/2000 Accommodating Web-Empowerment through Marketplaces
2/28/2000 Technology Takes Center Stage
2/22/2000 Opportunities in a Mature Industry
2/14/2000 Stable Shareholder Behavior at Peak of Equity Ownership
2/7/2000 Importance of Retirement Savings Reinforced by Fed Survey
1/31/2000 Sweep Accounts Help Banks Widen Money Fund Use
1/24/2000 Capital Gains in 1999 and Tax-Managed Funds
1/17/2000 More Work To Do To Help Americans Invest
1/10/2000 Growing Fund Businesses Overseas
1/3/2000 Reflecting on History at the Start of a New Year