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New Fund Filings Review: September 2022      10/25/2022
  New fund registrations remained elevated across September at 169, an increase from the already high 134 recorded in August. ETFs continued to demonstrate a wide lead with 146 funds, followed by 19 open-end mutual funds and four interval funds. The number of active ETFs filed in September (128) nearly matched the total for all funds filed across August. As in August, single stock-focused ETFs accounted for a large portion of new filings. Tema Global Limited witnessed the highest number of new filings through a series of 65 ETFs focused on specific international equity securities. Roundhill Financial saw the second highest number with 13 such ETFs. Both firms ultimately withdrew their new registrations. International equity funds continued to account for the largest number of new filings at 92 in September. U.S. equity funds made up 35 of the new products registered for the month.
New Fund Filings Review: August 2022      9/26/2022
  New filings in August totaled 134, more than double the 76 new funds registered over the course of July. ETFs held a wide lead in new registrations at 115, followed by 18 mutual funds and one-closed end fund. The month saw a surge in active ETF registrations at 96, with many tied to single stocks. Managers with the largest number of new filings for the month saw their numbers bolstered primarily by single stock ETFs. Roundhill Financial proposed the largest number of funds in August at 18, though withdrew those applications in September. Kelly Strategic Management, which also subsequently withdrew its filings, and Rafferty Asset Management filed for 16 and 13 funds, respectively. With many single stock ETFs tied to foreign equity securities, international equity funds recorded the highest number of new registrations in August at 59. U.S. equity and alternatives and commodity funds were tied for the month with 33 filings each.
New Fund Filings Review: June 2022      7/26/2022
  June witnessed 57 new fund filings, a slight drop from the 66 new funds registered in May. ETFs continued to lead on a vehicle level at 46, followed by ten mutual funds and one interval fund. The month’s ETF filings were split between 27 active funds and 19 passive products. BondBloxx Investment Management registered the largest number of funds in June through a series of eight target duration U.S. Treasury ETFs. Invesco saw the second highest number of new filings through six ETFs focusing on equity, bond, and commodity investments. Bonds funds accounted for the highest number of new filings for the month at 21, primarily through ETFs (16). U.S. equity made up the second most new products at 15.
New Fund Filings Review: May 2022      6/23/2022
  May saw the registration of 66 new funds, in line with the 71 funds filed in April. ETFs led new registrations at 50, split between 29 active funds and 21 passive ones. The month also included nine open-end mutual funds, five interval funds, and two closed-end funds. F/m Investments recorded the largest number of new filings for the month through a series of 10 ETFs investing in U.S. Treasuries. Emerge Capital Management witnessed the second highest number with five sustainable active ETFs. U.S. equity funds continued to account for the largest portion of new funds at 25, mostly in the form of ETFs (18). Fixed income saw the second most new filings at 21.
New Fund Filings Review: April 2022      5/25/2022
  Asset managers registered 71 new funds over the course of April after filing for only 40 new products in March. ETFs accounted for the bulk of new filings at 53, followed by 14 mutual funds, three interval funds, and one closed-end fund. April’s new registrations included three semi-transparent active ETFs. BlackRock and Cabana were tied for the month with the largest number of filings at 10 each. Both firms saw the bulk of their filings through passive ETFs, as BlackRock filed nine such funds across asset classes and Cabana filed for a series of 10 equal weight sector funds. Domestic equity funds accounted for the largest portion of new registrations on an asset class level at 25, followed by international equity (20) and fixed income (18).