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Company Management
2010 Overviews Issue 3 Money Manager Financial Comparisons 2009
2009 Overviews Issue 2 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2008
May 2008 Annual Feature Money Management Financial Comparisons 2007
August 2007 Windows Windows into the Mutual Fund Industry: August 2007
2007 Annual Feature Issue 2 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2006
July 2006 Overviews Money Management Financial Comparisons 2005
2005 Overviews Issue 4 Money Management Financial Comparisons 2004
2004 Overviews Issue 5 Moving On, with Reflections and Optimism (Money Management Financial Comparisons 2003)
2002 Overviews Issue 16 Planning and Anticipating Interest in Income Mutual Funds during 2003
2002 Overviews Issue 7 Investor Confidence Overcomes Stock Market Anxiety; A Look at the Predictive Nature of Morningstar’s Category Ratings
2002 Overviews Issue 5 Mapping the Mutual Fund Industry from the Parent Companies' Viewpoint
2002 Overviews Issue 3 Variable Annuities: 2001 in Review, Targeting Opportunities, and Contract Feature Evolution
2002 Overviews Issue 2 Dynamic Product Line Adaptations and Focus on 529 Plans
2001 Overviews Issue 11 Planning for 2002 with Guarded Optimism - Part II
2001 Overviews Issue 10 Planning for 2002 with Guarded Optimism - Part I
2001 Overviews Issue 9 On a Path to Recovery of Investor Sentiment
2001 Overviews Issue 8 Enriching Financial Relationships: Strategies for Action
2001 Overviews Issue 6 Shaping Business Strategy Following a Traumatic Event
April 2001 Annual Feature 2000 Money Manager Financial Comparisons
2001 Overviews Issue 3 Anticipating and Adapting to a Changing Mutual Fund Environment
February 2001 Foundation Series The Defined Contribution Business: Strategies and Opportunities for an Evolving Future
January 2001 FlowWatch Slowly Adjusting to a Bear Market, Recent Results, and VA Fees
November 2000 Overviews Defined Contribution Market (Highlights of FOUNDATION Series Study)
October 2000 Overviews 2001 Outlook Part II: Sales and Asset Growth By Product and Distribution Channel
September 2000 Overviews 2001 Outlook Part I: Investment, Distribution, and Management Themes
June 2000 Foundation Series Enhancing Relationship Management and Customer Retention
May 2000 Annual Feature 1999 Money Manager Financial Comparisons
2000 Overviews Issue 1 Money Fund Update
November 1999 Overviews A Decade of Growth: Large and Small Management Companies
November 1999 FlowWatch Tax-Managed Funds and Tax-Efficiency; Capital Gains
October 1999 Overviews Forecast for 2000: by Product, Distribution Channel, and Financial Scenario
July 1999 FlowWatch Looking Ahead: Have Industry Sales Rates Peaked?
June 1999 Overviews A Supportive Perspective on Fund Opportunities and Misconceptions
April 1999 Annual Feature 1998 Money Manager Financial Comparisons
December 1998 FlowWatch Capital Gains Payouts and Reinvestment Rates; Recapturing Distributions
October 1998 Overviews Tax-Managed Equity Funds
July 1998 Overviews Sustaining the Industry’s Culture: Managing Relationships
June 1998 Overviews Sustaining the Industry’s Culture: Managing Expectations
May 1998 Overviews Advisory Fee Structures and Considerations
November 1997 Overviews Fast-Growing Small Managers
August 1997 Overviews Key Events in the History of U.S. Mutual Funds
June 1997 Overviews How Contractual Advisory Fees for Equity Funds have Changed since Early 1980s
April 1997 FlowWatch Fees: To Average Investor, by Channel; Defining Peer Groups; Annual Benchmarking for Equity Funds
March 1997 Overviews Equity Fund Fees: Variability of Pre-Expense Returns, Effect of Waivers, and Fee Correlation to Performance
February 1997 FlowWatch Distribution Trends: the Expanding Role of Financial Advisors
February 1997 Overviews The Growth of Index Funds
October 1996 FlowWatch Early Exploration of the Internet
September 1996 Overviews Product Line Management Considerations
August 1996 FlowWatch New Product Development Themes
June 1996 Overviews Small Company Growth Strategies
May 1996 FlowWatch Advantages and Risks in Advisory Fee Waiving Strategies
April 1996 FlowWatch Equity Fund Fee Benchmarking
March 1996 Overviews A Reassuring View of What Equity Fund Shareholders Will Do in a Bear Market
March 1996 FlowWatch Mutual Fund Shareholder Accounts: Sizes and Share by Distribution Channels
June 1995 Overviews Direct Distribution Gains are Less than They Appear
June 1995 FlowWatch The Myth that Manager Size Equates with Competitiveness
May 1995 FlowWatch Determinants of Fund Company Success and Failure
March 1995 Overviews Equity Fund Asset Retention Challenges
February 1995 FlowWatch The Increasing Role of Equity Funds
December 1994 Overviews Customer Retention Strategies
March 1994 Overviews Cash Flow Determinants: Relative Ranking and Morningstar Rating
June 1993 Overviews Brand Management and Loyalty
April 1993 Overviews CDSC Fund Financing Analysis
March 1993 Review How Fund Pricing Impacts Management Company Revenues
February 1993 Review How Fund Pricing Impacts Investor Total Returns
February 1992 Overviews Pricing Alternatives: Front Load, CDSC, and the Emerging Level-Load Funds
October 1991 Review Bond Fund Comparisons: 1980s vs. 1990
May 1991 Overviews The Accelerating Importance of CDSC Funds