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Variable Annuities
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Simfund VA 5.0

Strategic Insight is pleased to offer Simfund® VA version 5.0. This latest version provides our users with a comprehensive database and one of the most robust reporting tools to analyze the variable annuity industry. Easy to use and powerful, Simfund® VA is the most efficient tool for navigating through variable annuity data. The data and features place valuable business intelligence into the hands of those who need it most.

Simfund® VA is a leading variable annuity database application. The database contains essential information to help you analyze the variable annuity marketplace and monitor the competitive landscape

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Leveraging the power of the web, is a leading research and competitive intelligence tool in the variable annuity market. The website offers daily SEC research, weekly industry analysis and commentaries, and monthly competitor DCA rate updates. Key uses of the website include monitoring competitor new product offerings, tracking competitor DCA rates, and keeping on top of new developments in the industry.

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