Variable Annuity Research
Product Overview is a leading web-based research and competitive intelligence tool in the variable annuity market. It provides variable insurance professionals with competitive intelligence and commentary on the latest trends in variable annuity (VA) and standalone living benefit (SALB) contracts, underlying funds, policy features, fees and expenses. By bringing together daily SEC research, and weekly industry analysis and commentaries, the website provides the most current and relevant information to industry professionals.

Key applications

  • Keep abreast of major industry trends and product developments
  • Monitor new product introductions
  • Track contract feature and sub-account changes filed by competitors
  • Ensure new product development or contract recommendations are in-line with competitor offerings
Key Features
  • Weekly in-depth industry commentary and analysis
  • Monthly VA/VL Flow Watch
  • Monthly analysis on New Fund and New Contract Registrations
  • Daily email alerts that highlight new contracts and changes to existing contracts
  • Customizable alert based on client's searches
  • Contracts organized by key categories/features
    • New contract launches
    • Bonus feature
    • Earnings enhanced benefit feature
    • Living benefit feature
  • Full text search on Industry Analysis and both the Contract and Fund Alert sections.
  • Actual SEC filings and an advanced search engine to access all VA and SALB documents.

Our research team can help with individual inquiries or general guidance and training on using the site. We offer both individual and group training sessions. We are also available to fulfill certain ad hoc research requests as well as provide support through presentations and conference calls.

In-Depth Reports:
We periodically publish in-depth analysis that delves into important issues and new opportunities within the retirement income industry. These reports, available for purchase, relate to matters affecting retirement income. Past subjects include: Standalone Living Benefits; VA Living Benefit Product Profiles; and In-Plan Guarantees. A subscription to enhances support on these topics.

To discuss how we can be of assistance, please contact us at 212-217-6893 or e-mail