The “Monitor” is an executive-level monthly research journal that examines trends in the financial services industry, including mutual funds and other retail investment products. This leading-edge, forward-looking publication keeps firms at the forefront of not only current trends but also emerging future product and distribution changes and their potential impact.

Subscribers receive the annual “Strategic Planning Issue.” This special edition features five-year projections and key drivers for sales and assets for mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), variable annuities, college savings plans, retirement plans, lifecycle funds and alternatives, backed by SI’s unique analysis of the trends and developments behind the numbers.

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December 2014 Monitor      12/17/2014
  The December 2014 edition of the Monitor features articles on "Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace," "Active vs. Passive: Then, Now and in the Future," "Marketing and Positioning for the 'New Normal,'" "Taking It to the Next Level," "Robo-Advisers: The Ghost in the Machine," "The Next Stage in VA Risk Management," "Who Popularized the Term 'Mutual Fund'?" and "What to Expect from Strategic Insight in 2015."
October 2014 Monitor      11/4/2014
  The October 2014 edition of the Monitor features articles on "Active and Passive Demands Diverge Globally," "Learning the Lesson of PIMCO," "Liquid Alternatives SEC Sweep," "The Financial Forecasts are Flying" and "A Missed Opportunity for Managers?"
September 2014 Monitor      10/6/2014
  The September 2014 edition of the Monitor features articles on "Planning for Superstar Succession," "Regulations' Effect on Going Global," "A New Twist to Behavioral Investing," "Advisers Are Key to Increasing 529 Plan Use" and "Are Mutual Funds 'Systematically Important?"
August 2014 Monitor      9/2/2014
  The annual Strategic Planning issue of the Monitor features articles on "The Future of Management," "Strategic Considerations for Asset Managers," "The Principal Financial Group: A Profile," "Liquid Alternatives," "IRA Outlook," "Trends in DC Plans" and "The Next Stage in VA Risk Management."
June 2014 Monitor      7/3/2014
  The June 2014 edition of the Monitor features articles on "Multi-Asset Class Funds: Competitive Threat or Passing Fad?," "Shifting Share Class Demand," "Great Rotation or Gradual Shift?," "Robo-Advisors: The Ghost in the Machine," and "Renewed Opportunities in VA Market."