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Strategic Insight has been analyzing the mutual fund industry since 1986. Today, across our services, we publish over 100 studies each year. To view 2019 Agenda, click here.

Windows into the Mutual Fund Industry

A periodic online and print newsletter written by SI analysts, based on the firm’s data-based research, covering areas of the US and global mutual fund industry.

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In-Depth Overviews
  Monthly analysis of topics important for remaining competitive and successful in the mutual fund business.
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Latest Month's Highlights
  Snapshots of key developments using the latest data, released roughly three weeks after each month-end.
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New Fund Filings
  Analysis of funds recently registered and key themes in product development.
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Industry Synopsis of Latest Week's Fund Changes
  Fine-tuning one’s product line, pricing and fee adaptations, and awareness of how our industry is responding to the changing environment, have become of even greater importance than before. To facilitate such awareness, Strategic Insight has expanded its analysis of modifications among existing funds.
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Executive Insights
  Periodic commentaries on special topics contributed by our US fund, global asset management and variable annuity teams.
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  We also publish monthly and quarterly Trends Analytics reports, and weekly reports on asset management trends worldwide through Strategic Insight Global.

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