New Fund Filings

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New Fund Filings Review: September 2020      10/27/2020
  September saw new filings for 60 funds, consisting of 11 open-end mutual funds, two closed-end funds, 45 ETFs, and one interval fund. The month witnessed a significant number of active ETF registrations at 33, eight of which eight were non-transparent funds. First Trust Advisors registered the largest number of new funds for the month through a series of seven defined outcome active ETFs and two passive international equity ETFs. US equity funds accounted for the highest number of new registrations in September at 28, followed by Alternative and Commodity funds at 17.
New Fund Filings Review: August 2020      9/29/2020
  August witnessed new registrations of 51 funds, split across 24 open-end mutual funds, 24 ETFs, two interval funds and one closed-end fund. The 11 active ETFs filed for the month included two non-transparent funds. T. Rowe Price witnessed the largest number of new fund filings for the month with a target-date series, the T. Rowe Price Retirement lend, with 13 investment options. The series will use a blend of active and passive underlying options. Domestic equity funds experienced the highest number of filings on the asset-class level at 28, followed by international equity at 11.
New Fund Filings Review: July 2020      8/27/2020
  July saw total new filings of 61 funds, including 30 ETFs and 22 open-end mutual funds. The month also experienced a relatively high number of closed-end and interval registrations at five and four, respectively. Fixed income funds accounted for the largest number of registrations for the month at 29. ETFs made up the largest portion with 12 filings. BlackRock and Innovator Capital were tied for the highest number of filings at four each. BlackRock‚Äôs new funds included as series of ESG-focused US equity ETFs, while Innovator Capital announced options-based funds for equity and fixed income.
New Fund Filings Review: June 2020      7/28/2020
  June witnessed new registrations for 20 open-mutual funds, 32 ETFs, one closed-end fund, and two interval funds. Filings for active ETFs outnumbered those for index ETFs, with 18 actively-managed ETFs and 14 passive funds. American Century saw the highest number of new filings for the month through a series of six active bond strategies that exist in both mutual fund and ETF wrappers.
New Fund Filings Review: May 2020      6/24/2020
  May saw new filings for 34 open-end mutual funds, 25 ETFs, two closed-end funds, and five interval funds. These filings also included two funds designed to be used with SMAs. Gabelli Funds registered a series of nine active, non-transparent ETFs, which included two ESG ETFs. BlackRock filed for the largest number of new funds across the month at 14. These included an ESG target-date series, two standalone international equity ESG funds, and income-focused feeder funds.