New Fund Filings

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New Fund Filings Review: February 2020      3/23/2020
  February featured 43 new registered funds, including 10 open-end mutual funds, 29 ETFs, three interval funds, and one closed-end fund. In addition to notably outpacing new mutual fund filings, monthly ETF registrations for the first time consisted entirely of active funds. TrueMark Investments saw the largest number of new registrations for the month through 12 defined outcome ETFs, followed by a series of nine ETFs from Exchange Traded Concepts.
New Fund Filings Review: January 2020      2/27/2020
  January experienced a total of 31 new registrations for the month, split across 12 ETFs, 18 open-end mutual funds, and one closed-end fund. December had meanwhile seen 58 newly registered funds. Pacific Financial Group registered the highest number of new funds in the month, creating a series of six funds of funds that invest in the products of specific, unaffiliated managers. International Equity accounted for the largest number of new filings through eight active mutual funds, four passive mutual funds, and one ETF.
New Fund Filings Review: December 2019      1/28/2020
  Active ETFs saw a large presence among new registrations in December. The month saw filings for 37 active ETFs, including new non-transparent structures from Fidelity, Natixis, and T. Rowe Price. Invesco and Innovator Capital were tied with the most new filings for the month, each registering five active ETFs. Sub-advised funds accounted for 12 of the month's new registrations, extending across public and private investment markets
New Fund Filings Review: November 2019      12/17/2019
  Sub-advised funds played a large role in newly-registered funds during November, accounting for 14 of the month's new offerings. Fidelity filed for ten new mutual funds, six of which are multi-managed products focusing on disruptive investment themes. November saw the registration of six closed-end and interval funds, investing in private credit and income-producing opportunities. The month additionally saw managers announce filings for 21 mutual funds and 18 ETFs.
New Fund Filings Review: October 2019      11/26/2019
  Monthly new registrations reached their highest level of 2019 over the course of October, totaling 91 new open-end mutual funds, ETFs, and closed-end funds. The month saw 48 new open-end and closed-end mutual funds and 43 newly registered ETFs. Tuttle Tactical Management registered a series of six actively-managed ETFs, which serve as funds of funds employing momentum and counter trend models. Alaia Capital, Q3 Asset Management, Raub Brock Capital Management, and StepStone Conversus all unveiled their first registered mutual funds and ETFs during the month.