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SEC Filings Research
Simfund Filing® 5.0 provides daily and weekly analysis of fund changes, new fund registrations, and access to all public fund documents.

Simfund Filing® 5.0 is dedicated to being the finest source for daily coverage of detailed fund changes, including weekly write-ups compiled in a historical database that is easy to access, and of newly registered funds not yet available to the public. Fund Filing PLUS is the leading mutual fund website designed to access all SEC Edgar filings including prospectus, annual reports and supplements.



Key Applications:

Daily Alert

  • Adapt to industry changes
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Monitor industry trends
  • Develop new products

SEC Library

  • Download latest Prospectus and SAI
  • Download latest Annual Report
  • Examine legal language
  • Identify newly registered funds

Simfund Filing® 5.0 is a separate website offered through annual subscribtion. To learn more, please contact:



Industry Synopsis of Latest Week's Fund Changes
Fine-tuning one’s product line, pricing and fee adaptations, and awareness of how our industry is responding to the changing environment, have become of even greater importance than before. To facilitate such awareness, Strategic Insight has expanded its analysis of modifications among existing funds and offers now an Industry Synopsis of Latest Week's Fund Changes.
Simfund Filing 5.0® is a separate website offered through annual subscribtion. To learn more on how you can access the research material on the site please visit: