The Trusted Business Intelligence Tool for Strategic, Product, Sales, and Marketing Decisions in the Asian, European and Cross-Border Fund Markets

Investing in this business intelligence tool enables the identification of revenue generative sales opportunities alongside strategic decision making. Simfund Global Pro provides a total view by country into fund trends in Europe and Asia. Simfund Global Pro includes both cross border funds by country and locally domiciled funds in the data to give full insight by country into fund assets and flows as well as providing information on performance, ratings, and fees by incorporating additional proprietary data as well as data from Morningstar and Lipper into one easy to use and flexible web-based tool.

Key Features

  • Assets and flows for 60K locally marketed and cross-border mutual funds and ETFs
  • Cross-Border Fund Sales by Country by Investment Strategy
  • Cross-Border Sales by Country by Anonymised fund managers allowing detailed market share analysis
  • Integration of Country Local and Cross-Border Data
  • Web-Based Platform
  • Enhanced Charting & Screening Package
  • On the Fly Report Adjustment
  • Customized Peer Groups
  • Over 800 data points at share
    class level
  • Opt-In Competitor Sales Transparency
    (Coming Soon)
  • 160+ additional data points including
    Net Performance and Fee Data
  • Morningstar, Lipper, & Strategic Insight
    categorisations and flags


  • Identify opportunities to achieve a return on your investment
  • Determine and plan appropriate moments for marketing campaigns in specific markets
  • Identify product development opportunities and periods when you can afford to build track record
  • Spot sales opportunities, e.g. within fund of funds to replace competitors
  • Gain unique insights to help grow your business
  • Compare the prospects of individual countries for your products based on overall demand for both local and cross-border fund types in those markets
  • Compare whole of market fund flows by granular fund category and country to drive your sales activities more effectively
  • Understand more fully what types of funds are selling in a country, combining actual cross-border and locally marketed fund flows
  • More accurately understand your market share in a country versus the full universe of local and cross-border funds
  • See performance, rating, fee, and other data to augment analysis
  • Quality of data and global expertise
  • Data quality process creates high degree of accuracy
  • High touch service and expertise of Strategic Insight analyst
  • Research intelligence overlay to the data
  • The strength of a global company focused on the fund management industry worldwide
  • Secure, modern technology for uploading & protecting data
  • Save time and money
  • Increase your workflow efficiency by up to 300% by using only this one-stop solution to derive your Morningstar, Lipper, and Strategic Insight data analytics
  • Break free of inflexible exports
  • Multiple levels of aggregation for streamlined analytics
  • Break out sales by market, fund type, and category, without creating and managing dozens of different reports
  • Choose to share your fund level sales with others who share with you
  • Superior flexibility and power in screening and charting

Why You Will Benefit From Investing In Simfund

  • You will achieve a higher return from your investment in a data solution from Strategic Insight’s services
  • Unmatched client service, industry expertise, and intellectual capital of Strategic Insight’s analysts
  • Commitment to continued development
  • Ability to combine local and cross-border fund analysis on 1 platform
  • Better user experience from an intuitive interface
  • More robust Asia coverage with a local team presence
  • Strategic Insight has been a trusted partner to fund managers for over 25 years

To learn more about Simfund Global Pro, please contact:

Simfund® Tech Support