Simfund Basic: ICI Confidential FAQs


What is the ICI Confidential File?

The official name is the ICI Monthly Confidential Sales Report.

Fund complexes participating in the ICI's Monthly Confidential Sales Report have agreed to share individual class asset, flow and sales data with other participants. All participants agree to respect the confidentiality of the report, and the data in the report may not be used or distributed outside the participating complexes in any way. Monthly reports and files are delivered directly to participants by the ICI through its members' web site.

For more information, contact:
Tara Keith
Investment Company Institute
(202) 371-5422


How do I get the ICI Confidential Data into Simfund?

The participating company must download the data directly from the ICI. Simfund provides an import utility that brings the data into Simfund so it can be analyzed with the other data in Simfund. Strategic Insight does not have access to the ICI Confidential Data.

The import utility is called, "Utility.exe" and can be found in the following diretory:
C:\Program Files\Strategic Insight\Simfund\Application


Do I have to do something on each users' computer to turn it on?

In Simfund 5.0 access is granted centrally to all users in the account. There is no longer a manual configuration process for each user.


Who do I speak with at the ICI about participating in the ICI Confidential File?

Call Lee Butler from the ICI at 202-326-5931 to learn more about the ICI Confidential File.


How do I get ICI Confidential data if my company participates?

Call Lee Butler from the ICI at 202-326-5931 to learn how to download the data files from the ICI Website. Then contact Strategic Insight for support in Loading the files into Simfund. Once confirmed by the ICI that a company participates in the ICI Confidential file our systems will grant you an updated Installation Key. You will then need to re-install the latest regular database update to enable access to the module.

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