Simfund VA 5.0

Strategic Insight is pleased to offer Simfund® VA version 5.0. This latest version provides our users with a comprehensive database and one of the most robust reporting tools to analyze the variable annuity industry. Easy to use and powerful, Simfund® VA is the most efficient tool for navigating through variable annuity data. The data and features place valuable business intelligence into the hands of those who need it most.

Simfund® VA is a leading variable annuity database application. The database contains essential information to help you analyze the variable annuity marketplace and monitor the competitive landscape


With our expansive list of Morningstar and Lipper data, you can perform highly sophisticated analysis of fund and sub-account performance. The updated interface is easy to use: the "View" feature offers a simplified way to separate out the fund and sub-account universes, an on-the-fly dictionary gives field definitions with a click of the mouse, and the updated "Easy Select" screen allows you to perform more relevant searches. Features such as new prospectus data, the capability to import ICI Confidential data, and prospectus links make SIMFUND® VA 5.0 the best analytical tool to support your initiatives in the VA industry.

  • Monitor industry trends and competitor market share
  • Identify sub-advisory gap and replacement opportunities on insurance companies’ platform
  • Analyze variable fund performance and risk
  • Benchmark variable fund fees and expenses with custom peer groups

  • Historical assets and net flows updated monthly
  • Morningstar and Lipper data integrated, with side-by-side comparison capability
  • Capability to Import ICI Confidential Data
  • Performance and risk measurements on sub-accounts and funds
  • Fee and expense information researched directly from SEC documents
  • Extensive advisory and sub-advisory fee schedules
  • Detailed contract features information
  • Prospectus data including fund expenses, fund benchmarks, fund-of-fund expenses, and direct Annuity Insight link to fund prospectuses ( subscription required)
  • Powerful and easy-to-use interface with multiple levels of data aggregation:
    insurance company, contract, advisor, sub-advisor, investment category, fund, and sub-account
  • Wizard-driven advanced graph module
  • Effective Pre-canned reports

To learn more about Simfund® VA 5.0 please contact:


Matt Cressy

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